segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2008

What is going on in our lives???

Our lives have been quite busy ever since the little Kiyo came along. He is growing so fast, and developing so well that we can only be very thankful to God!
Kiyo's update:
He is now almost 16 months old. He is walking (running) everywhere. His favorite game is to run after the kitty cat. Poor kitty does not know what to do and looks at us in despair.
He loves to play ball and the guitar. He loves music! He does not like to change his diaper, and cries as if someone was going to pull all his teeth at once. He already understands everything we tell him, contrary to what his Grandma says when he gets time-out for being a little brat.
He eats almost everything. People look at us like we are some kind of ET with 3 heads because we refuse to give him white sugar, or sweet stuffs like candy and chocolate or even sodas. We do not really care because we have all the support from his doctor and dentist on our choice. He loves to eat "bolinhas", which means anything that has the shape of a little ball (or even close to one).
He eats a lot of fruit, bread, veggies, rice, pasta, meat and eggs. He loves pancakes too. He cannot have any dairy products as of yet, according to his pediatrician. It is fine by me!!! We are still breast feeding, and Kiyo shows us everyday how worthy it is to keep on doing that! He has not had any type of infections that requires antibiotic treatment.
He learned that in order to open the door in the bathroom, he needs to turn the door knob. So, he got the couch pillow and put it in front of the bathroom door, climbed on top of the pillow and tried to reach the knob. He got a little frustrated when he was not able to reach. So he sat on the floor, and pulled the pillow away. He is constantly trying new things...
We will come back with more news from Kiyo's land!!!


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